Ever wondered why you wake up every day to do a job you probably hate with every fiber of your being? Has it ever crossed your mind why it is essential for you to plan how you spend your money lest you find yourself in bigger problems? Do you constantly find yourself day dreaming of the day you will hit the jackpot or win the lottery? Is the very thought of a good life the driving force behind your relentless hard work? If yes, then its time you thought of managing your finances prudently to achieve all your dreams. Whether we like it or not, we cannot be financially stable or amass immense wealth if we give the idea of personal finance a wide berth.

I am not in any way suggesting that you should embrace the frugal nature of some human beings with two hands. On the contrary, I encourage good saving habits, checked expenditure, proper budgeting and following a script that will ultimately lead you to financial freedom and subsequently a taste of the good life that you’ve always yearned for. Achieving financial security is not all about dreaming, doing nothing and hoping for the best. No! It entails sacrifice, having a clear road map of what you want and how to get what you want.

Take a look at your finances and you will wholeheartedly concur with me that wealth creation, money saving and achievement of financial goals all boils down to your understanding of personal finance. Most people make the mistake of thinking that personal finance is all about the salary you get at the end of the month, payment of bills or meeting monthly financial obligations. On the contrary, personal finances entails saving enough money to ensure that you meet all the financial goals or aspects of your life. It is not about being comfortable with paying bills and receiving a monthly check. Actually, personal finances encompasses much more than that.

In light of the above, how do you ensure that you manage your finances in such a way that you can achieve financial security, wealth and financial freedom? Here are some of the personal finance tips you can utilize to enjoy financial security in every aspect of your life:


Spend less than you earn

Remember the number one rule is to never spend more than whhttp://www.westengland.org.uk/wp-admin/post-new.php at you earn. Remember that financial security is informed by how much you ultimately save and not how much you earn. You can earn lots of money but if you are a reckless spender, achieving financial security would be a distant dream, a mirage.



Personal finance is all about keeping tabs on your expenditure. Keep track of what you spend money on and whether you spend the same prudently. Remember that the only way to check your expenditure is by keeping tabs on your monthly transactions. Once you know your monthly transactions, create a proper budget and only spend on what’s necessary. In other words, avoid impulse buying.


Apply for credit cards that attract 0% interest for at least 12 months

Let’s face it. A lot of people tend to use credit cards because they are under an illusion that they can always pay for it later. What many people don’t realize is that imprudent use of credit cards is what puts people in debt in the first place. Consequently, monthly payments end up going to interest rates instead of the money owed to the Credit Card Company. In this regard, it’s essential to go for credit cards that offer 0% interest for at least 12 months. After the expiry, you can always apply for another credit card attracting a 0% interest and transfer whatever remaining balance you have.

To sum it up, utilizing the above mentioned personal finance tips can go a long way towards ensuring that you amass wealth and attain financial security.