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How to be on top of your Personal finances


In my humble opinion, achieving financial security takes more than a willing heart and reading tons of information online. It entails making a firm decision and having a clear road map of what you want to achieve and how you want to get there. It is about making difficult decisions and sticking to your plan against all odds. It is about understanding the basics of personal finance, financial management, and.. Read More

A sneak peek into personal finance wealth creation strategies


I know that it might sound like a cliché but the truth of the matter is that there is indeed too much information in the public domain as regards saving, budgeting and investment that some people have become weary of whether personal finance wealth creation strategies really do work. The PR machine of some of the biggest players in the financial industry have so far been successful in painting the.. Read More

Sure Fire Personal Finance Tips to Achieve Financial Security


Ever wondered why you wake up every day to do a job you probably hate with every fiber of your being? Has it ever crossed your mind why it is essential for you to plan how you spend your money lest you find yourself in bigger problems? Do you constantly find yourself day dreaming of the day you will hit the jackpot or win the lottery? Is the very thought.. Read More